November 30, 2008

Last Post of November

A drawing by Evelyn

I guess the holiday is over and the month is over. Where does the time go? Here's where the new shop stands,
  • Main room painted
  • Showroom not painted, not even sanded
  • most electrical devices installed
  • electric not on
  • mud everywhere, no surprise
Here's what I hope to get done this week,
  • Finish drywall in showroom
  • paint primer in showroom
  • paint finish coat showroom
  • install wood stove and chimney with Shane
  • put gravel on muddy entrance
  • trim doors
  • trim windows
  • clean floor of dust
  • set up tables for pots
  • set up track lights
  • set up pots/jewelry
  • tidy up
Thanks for allowing me to bore you with these details. I can't wait to get the wheels in place get some clay splattered around on the walls and make some pots. Oh, how I long to take some pictures of some freshly thrown pots and tell you how sweet it is to be making pots in the new shop. I appreciate your patience and thanks for reading.