October 10, 2008

Sanding and Sorting: Some Cups

I've been sanding and grading the new pots. (sorry, no pictures of bad ones, yet) I have a few group shows to send pots to, not to mention the Potter's Market this weekend, and it helps to get the pots sanded before I start assigning their destinations. First it gives me a chance to "once over" the pots looking for imperfections, second I start to comprehend the firing while it's still fresh in my memory. I make notes and put down the latest theories and speculations, so I can plan on my next firing(January?). So briefly I wanted to show these cups off because I felt that they are a departure and a new way to use the alkaline ash glaze. They are similar to the jars I showed yesterday with the dipped circle of white slip under the glaze, except in this case I just poured little bands over the sides of the cups and then painted a little vine on each one. They remind me of my pottery cousin, MacKenzie Smith down Florida way and the way he treats the surface sometimes. The one on the left has a little trio of dots that I got from a bowl of Ron Philbeck's. I also like the throwing bands on the one on the left, something I usually rib out, before cutting off the wheel. They remind me of Japanese Oribe ware also...anyway, just wanted to flash these at you, then off to bed.