October 28, 2008

October Snow

We woke up this morning to about an inch of snow, well maybe a half an inch. It's already melted quite a bit by the time I put on my snowshoes on to trek about the front yard to snap this picture. It wasn't enough to rev up my snow blower, which, BTW, sits ready for action even after ten years of sitting idle, talk about the patience, a snow blower in NC!
Even this little amount of snow will keep the schools closed in these parts. There are parts of the county that are at 4000 ft and conditions are often harsher there. So the girls are home from school, making snow cream and getting jacked on the maple syrup!

It may be time to get off the blog and herd these wildcats!

I better see to them. We may have to get some more maple from my friends in Worthington. Punch list will have to wait today.