October 3, 2008

Dogged & Tired

A small plate with bird painted in two kinds of wax.
One is a regular (clear) wax and the other is pigmented
(the dark lines).
Add to that subject line, cross eyed. Here are a couple of pictures I took of some new stuff that's happening under the pressure of this schedule. I was reminded of something my good friend Sam would always say to me while I was painting pots. That my pots looked their best before I fire them. I guess I'm still struggling against that notion and trying to defeat that outcome. I hope they'll look better after they're fired. They usually come out of the kiln beyond what my intentions and imagination can muster, anyway.

Hopefully this will be a matching set
after all is said and done,
( fired )

It looks like everything will get done in time. Micah was here today getting the glaze and slip ready and prepping the kiln. Tomorrow I will start dipping the pots in slip and glaze and doing some last minute painting on the last remaining pots. Saturday I will load the kiln and burn on Sunday. Everybody in the neighborhood is firing this weekend to get ready for the Potter's Market on the following weekend. See side-bar to right. Should be a great show. I hope it's a good firing!