October 25, 2008


Chester Webster (1779-1882)
Randolph County, North Carolina
Four gallon Jar, ca 1850
Salt glazed stoneware
15 x 11 in.
Collection of Quincy & Samuel Scarborough

I just had to send this out to those who haven't seen this pot in the Potter's Eye [ISBN 0-8078-2992-7]. I don't have a close up of the bird in this jar, but you might be able to see the little bug that the bird is eye ballin' in the image above. The pot has really nice proportions and I love how the handles are tucked in high right around the neck. The ovoid shape of the pot reflects the makers origins in New England.

I first saw the Webster pots live at the NC Museum of Art in 2007 and the incising of these images of birds, fish, and botanica, really spurred me on to try my hand at similar imagery. I'm still trying, but haven't been as bold as to leave a mark like this, so stark and confident. No glaze, except for the natural ash and salt glaze. The clay color is so rich. The surface worn by so many hands and untold uses, it is a beautiful survivor.

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