September 10, 2008

Where'did It Go??

There will be a show of pots at the conference from the presenter's personal collections. I had already sent in the vitals for this pot. It's a gallon+ pitcher made by my buddy Mark Hewitt. But for most of yesterday I looked in boxes in the new studio, boxes below the new studio, boxes at the kiln shed, you get the picture. It's the old lost wallet scenario. I was paralyzed and could get anything done in this panic. I made three trips to Micaville in pursuit of this pot. Luckily for me, my brilliant wife, Stacey asked, "Don't you have a pile of stuff at that storage unit?" I had literally and conveniently forgotten about all the stuff I had stored in my friend John's 10 x 10 unit. And voila [that's french for "voila"] there it was in it's own box with big sharpie letters alluding to its contents. Anyway, most everything is packed. I am relaxed, finally. Now all I have to do is replace the ceiling fan in the kitchen and ship a package and over the mountain I will go.