September 16, 2008

Sad News from Scotland

Hannah McAndrew has reported the death of Alan Gaff of Argyll Pottery at her blog. Those of you have read his blog were just getting to know Alan and his pottery through his generous writing and photography. As Hannah has said, none of us want to believe that this tragedy has occurred. I will miss his reporting from one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Here is an excerpt from Alan's web site:
I suppose if you were to criticise my work you could say that most of my pieces are quite stayed and safe but I have always tried to make my work for those three harshest of critics, Alan and Mr and Mrs General Public, they do not suffer fools gladly. As we sell to a very wide range of folk straight off the road, the sign says POTTERY, that is what you expect and you may not always like our colours or style but with us pottery is usually what hopefully you get, well made, robust and functional pottery. (Apart from the ceramic motor bikes, the roe deer and horse sculptures, the skull night lights at Halloween, the wee animals, pottery pipes, kiln dragons, mushrooms, toadstools, wood mice, frogs, cones, tulip vases, lily forms etc). O, K, so if you bother to look you will probably find something different here, all you have to do is come and see.