September 25, 2008

Runaway Train

Sorry no pictures from yesterday. The weather drove my pottery making like a runaway train. It was like the scene in Hitchcock's 1951 classic,"Strangers on a Train", at the ending with a carousel spinning out of control and crashing. Oh, here it is,

Well, it wasn't that bad I guess... but I failed to have time to document the pots I made. [sorry, but it's always great to be able to include a clip from Alfred Hitchcock in the blog!]

Yesterday was a fabulous day, when I had a moment to look up from my wheel, but I was reminded of something that I've known all along. Pottery making takes time and attention. The weather was so dry and sunny that a board of cups that I had made in the morning was bone dry by noon, before I even had a chance to 'thumb' the bottoms or even leave my signature! Quite a new situation for someone making pots for seven years in a mushroom factory.

Today, Micah and I will go by the old shop and pick up the old electric kiln and bring it home to temporarily install it on my front porch. Probably not such a strange site here in NC. My friend Buck Pollard, married to a potter Jenny Sherburne, is coming over after supper to do the wiring with me. I will hopefully get back on making pots before the rain comes this weekend. It's a bit cold in the mornings and evenings and I haven't been able to work at those times. But tomorrow the insulators will come and insulate the new shop and we'll move the operation in there where I can have some heat. Phew, this is certainly a challenge. I'm afraid the pots will suffer.