September 29, 2008

Jack Troy

This morning, after the family-getting-ready-for-school-whirlwind, I sat down with my coffee and visited with Jack Troy's thoughts. Thanks to Helen Bates, who directed me to Jack's new web site, I was enjoying Jack's essays, some that I've read and some new ones. Here is an excerpt, [used without permission], from an essay titled, "Dear Henry Glazier."

A couple of things that probably haven't changed a bit are the feelings of satisfaction when you enter the shop in the morning and see the previous day's work that you almost forgot overnight. No matter how many years you've been at it, they always take you by surprise — the damp pots imparting that rich cavesmell; that fragrance of freshly-turned gardens. If dreams have aromas it is that of pots drying just after they've been formed.
There are several essays that Jack has written over the years and also a few poems. Oh ,lest I forget, there are lots of pictures of pots, too!

From the home page,

I am thankful no one ever
led me to the pit I'd help to make in Earth,
or showed me all the clay at once.
I'm grateful no one ever said, There.
That heap's about a hundred fifty tons.
Go make yourself a life.