September 24, 2008


Looks like another beautiful, clear day. Hopefully it will be a little breezy too. A great day for a potter in my shoes. My plan today is to make a lot of 4-5 lb. jars/vases and a couple 12lb jars. Thanks to Doug I am encouraged to make some pitchers, and some serving bowls. The morning is cool and I waited till the sun came over the hill and warmed my wheel area outside and swept the new shop and tidied up for the inspector, who should be coming around today to do a electrical inspection. That's the forecast for today. I will try to post some pictures at lunchtime.

Stacey went out yesterday and in her "just do it" mode bought a new digital camera. Maybe she'll let me use it. I stole it briefly this morning to get this shot of the golden rod. Just in time for the Fall colors! Have a great day. Thanks for being there.