August 31, 2008

Thoughts Before The Burn

Before I hit the hay for my 'disco' nap I wanted to acknowledge a few things/people .

How amazing it is that all the pots got in, like a funny 3D jigsaw puzzle.

How amazing my wife Stacey is for picking up my parental slack and being a potters widow these last couple of weeks. (we're celebrating ATF with a trip to Nashville to see The Swell Season, Sept 24, woohoo)

How lucky I was to meet Mica Cain, who is the new resident potter at the Energy xChange, just down the road. He is 28 and this is the 28th firing of the kiln and it's sixth anniversary! He did an awesome job getting all the pots glazed and loaded.

How worried I was about the wood getting wet in our week of rain and how amazingly sunny and breezy it has been the last three days.

How exciting it is to think about all of the new pots that will be around in the next week.

How I hope that a couple of hours sleep will be enough.