August 27, 2008

Dry Inside

Thanks to Pamela Theis, of Salt and Soda Firing-land, who lent a hand yesterday morning and helped me move all the stuff out of the kiln loading area and set up a dry working area inside the new shop. Wow, we were soaking wet after all of that. It was nice that she was able to help. Pamela was a studio assistant in Jerilyn Virden's class last week at Penland. She has been touring the area this week and helping where she can. The picture above was taken last night inside the new shop. It's been raining so much, thankfully, but the weather has made it impossible to work outside. So here's my decorating station. I painted a few pots and got warmed up. Below are some details of some yet timid brushwork. My wife, Stacey was asking me about any new motifs and her question made me think about how I work . Usually I just start out with some standard motifs with the hopes that something new will emerge from the repetition. It usually does and it's usually spontaneous and unplanned. So we'll see what comes up in the next couple of days. You know I'll keep you filled in. Thanks for your kind readership, everyone. Let me know what you're thinking about and if you have any requests, questions, or jokes, send them up in a comment.