August 19, 2008

Black & White Is The New Technicolor

Beauty at every step

So today was a big day for this blog, we had a lot of folks register with Disqus, the commenting component of this blog. Basically, it widens the conversation by letting everybody choose what to comment on, whether its what I write, or what someone else writes. Any time you participate, you will receive an email letting you know when someone has replied to what you've said, if that happens, and the "discussion/thread" can go on until it spins completely out of control. Ha... Like at Ron's the other day, to quote Ron, "Oh, brother." Watch out for those body snatchers, Ron. I hope you will be able to continue your blog?!

Back to pots...

Here are a few pictures.

Platters with wire cut rims

After a surprise trip to Carvers Gap (on Roan Mountain, 5512 ft.) to celebrate Evelyn's first day of school, (really her new back pack and school) I turned the feet on all of the platters, cut some rims, and made a couple of jars.

Capping. The top was thrown first then set aside
then added to the bottom section after it was thrown.
For more about capping, click here.

It really important to weld the seam in one direction,
and then the opposite. This assures a smooth seam,
no thick lump.

The finished jar

The wheel at the end of the night.

Black and White is the new khaki.

Good night.