August 16, 2008

All Creatures, Mostly Small

Last night it seemed like every bug on the mountain was attracted to my lights in my out of doors studio! Bugs I've never seen before and they of course landed on my pots that I was trying to throw. Oh well, it's all part of my world here and I'm getting used to it, it's mostly a very pleasant space to be in.

This is what happened to my pitcher making, it was a mess as I prophesied in an earlier post. I did end up with one keeper, wooohoo. Maybe today.

The bowls I made in the morning became dry enough to flip early in the afternoon and I finished trimming them by midnight! The dry weather and the almost constant breeze is working for me, I think. My fear that they would dry unevenly and too quickly motivated me to turn the bats periodically. It seemed to work, the pots dryness was fairly consistent and even. Today my wife and daughters return from their visit to Knoxville. So I look forward to seeing them again, but need to continue to crank'em out for the next week. I'll give those pitchers another shot and make some platters, maybe a few cups.