July 9, 2008

SP 36 #2

The new Studio Potter is out and on a newstand near you. If you don't subscribe, please consider doing so. It's a one of a kind, commercial free, hype free pottery journal. I first read SP at my college library, and have been reading ever since. Most times I read it cover to cover. This issue is particularly good since I have contributed an article on blogging. (-;

Here is an excerpt,
Writing the blog may be a way for me to sort out my various interests and to come to an understanding of the pots I am making and the time we live in. Many of the pots that inspire me were made here in the Carolinas more than a century ago, and I want to share that fascination with anyone willing to follow me on the blog. Like many studio potters, I work alone, and the blog is an interactive tool we can all use to communicate ideas and techniques with each other, be it with videos, pictures, or casual or thoughtful prose. With future generations brought up in a world of computers and the Internet, there is no telling how these will influence what potters make. I am fascinated with the notion of history and drawn to the traditional pots of the past; at the same time, my curiosity about the future pulls me into the other direction, and I’m equally excited by the pots that have yet to be made.

Other articles include:
"Ceramics and the Zeitgeist" by Tom Spleth *
"Creating Ceramic Art Using the Rapid Prototyping Process" by John Balistreri
"Backwards Into the Future" by Lisa Orr
"Illusions Of Accuracy" by John Britt *
"Tools Are Like Songs" by Ezra Shales
"In Praise of Tools" by Steven Roberts
"Of Time and Place" by Elizabeth Robinson
"Tinker, Potter, Sculptor: Maker of Objects, Creator of Things" by Michael Sherrill*
"Mapping Form: Dimensional Imaging and Ceramics" by Steven Thurston
"Pottery Myths" by Jeff Zamek
"Stepping Backwards: Practicing Historical Accuracy" by Adam Zayas
"Tools and Trees" by Louise Harter
"Glaze Jet For Interior Glazing" by Mark Cartwright
"Seeing It Fresh" by Maggie Creshkoff
"Simple Tools In the Pot Shop: A Minimalist Approach" by Mark Oeler
"Converting a Small Electric Kiln For Gas Firing" by Jon Singer
"Anti-Technical" by Caitlin Applegate
"The Tool of Drawing" by Catherine White
"Mosaics: A Contemporary Approach" by Megumi Naitoh
"A Flameware Journey" by Robbie Lobell
"Mass Production and Originality" by Marek Cecula
"The ISCAEE Symposium: A Global Ceramic Education" by Jenny Swanson
SHARDS: "A Potters Throwing Rib" by Karen Theusen Massarro
NEW VOICES: "Raising My Voice" by Lindsay Rogers*

western NC potter

I'm proud to be among such a distinguished crowd. I hope you can pick a copy up at your local clay supplier or start your subscription with this issue.