July 22, 2008


After circling around all day yesterday, I melted down and realized what I needed to do was to just set up my wheels as I was accustomed and get to work on making pots. I was driving myself crazy with a never ending list making and not getting anything done. So after the panic set in I snapped and made a simple decision,
"Just set up the wheels and tables as they were for the last ten years." (a big voice inside cramped insane head says)
There was a big DUh written in the sky in little puffy white clouds. After the clouds shape shifted into the perfect floor plan, I got to work. First I raked the ground from the large gravel Allen Wright had laid in there in January and re paved my new "summer studio" in red dirt! I set up the old Shimpo, the wedging table, and the treadle wheel along the wall. Next I bought some lighting at our friendly Ledger Ace Hardware store. After dark I went up and set the lighting and its attendant power strips and extension cords into a nice unencumbered arrangement not unlike knitting with electricity. As the BBC came on at 11p.m. I was about whooped and called it a night. Today I will get some clay out and do a sound check of sorts and hopefully report back with some pictures of the days produce. Have a good Tuesday!