July 9, 2008

Moving and Shaking

I've been packing some things, unpacking some things, but it just doesn't feel like home, yet. I plan on setting up the wheels to start doing some summertime throwing, plein aire style. After the wiring and lights are in, the insulation is in, and the walls get covered, I will set up in the shop. I have to burn the kiln next month for the upcoming shows at the Mint and the Rye Arts Center. I better get crackin'.

The showroom is set up with all the pots that didn't get shipped or sold to last session's Penland classes. Snow Creek Road has a new layer of blacktop. So there's no time like the present for a visit to the new pot shop. Come on over!

The Clay Club is meeting tonight up at John Ferlazzo's, should be fun. We have a little group blog started here.

Have a good Wednesday.