July 25, 2008

Coffee Break vol. #8

Please excuse this picture that I barely got off with my wounded Nikon 4300. I had to do some major tweaking just to get this. It comes on only when I take the battery out and jam it back in and hold it there, but probably only 25% of the time. When it does power up it takes over exposed shots like this one. It may be time to go in and perform another surgery. "Scalpel, er, I mean T5 Torx wrench please...

Well, here is one of my cups, again a little one I made for my daughters. I used my local clay and swirled it with porcelain clay. I modeled the handle from one I have of Lara O'Keefe. Although it looks like a handle Ron Meyers might have made See here. This cups stands proudly at about 2 inches! Just right for some italian roast espresso!