July 16, 2008

Coffee Break vol. 3

Well another day, another cup of coffee, before I go....back to my carpentry. I only need a little shot for the afternoon, so another little cup. This one, by Linda Christianson, I won in a cup exchange at the Utilitarian Clay Conference at Arrowmont in 199? How lucky is that? It has a soft square shape and the bottom has a ghost pattern of black stripes from whatever pot was below it that fumed up, maybe a plate? I remember Linda at the conference was asked about her handles, which have a nice ridge in the center, "What if someone says that your handles are uncomfortable?" She responded, " Maybe that handle isn't right for them."
Right on. I think some criticism is constructive, but at a certain point, one must stick with one's instincts. Whether its handles, or whatever. If it's true and it works for you, then most likely it will work for others, but maybe not everyone.

Now back to my Vienna Roast...so long.