June 14, 2008

What a Day

We had a great day for our studio tour and were lucky not to have too much rain as they had in other parts of town. The satellite network news trucks were a bit of a hassle with the traffic on our tiny little road, then rubbernecking became an issue around the time when our neighbors began hauling truckloads of unsecured junk to the dump, a weekly ritual of those who don't buy "handmade". But things really got hectic when the celebrity "journalists" started lining up for photo op's and interviews. Of course I was busy wrapping pots and refused all interviews except one.

Ron must have gotten wind of the CNN crew and Anderson Cooper showing up with his entourage and crew. He's not as tall as he looks behind his anchor desk, and since I stand six foot three he insisted on standing on one of my Rubbermaid totes for the interview. He couldn't get over the fact that all my pots were round and cracked himself up when he said it would be great if instead of Michael Kline Pottery I would call my business Michael Kline 360*. Since I don't watch much (any) TV I didn't quite follow the joke. Oh well. I guess we live in two different worlds. I got him to sign his autograph on the 2 x 4 that I may offer up to some lucky reader of S & D in some future pottery related contest.

In other Tour related news, Michael Kline Pottery employee, Lillian Kline had to be "let go" after, not only failing to produce some much needed earrings, but falling asleep at the wrapping station. She's really a great employee and doesn't need much in the way of compensation for her work, just food, shelter, and emotional support, and we'll really miss her.