June 15, 2008

Tour Wrap

We had a beautiful day here in western North Carolina, with blue skies and cotton puff clouds floating in the breeze.
We gave Lillian one more chance at employment and put her in the hot sun hawking lemonade. She was chanting something about life giving her a bowl of lemons...She excelled in this department and wehope that things will work themselves out. She's a great kid with a big future.

We met lots of great people who were very supportive of my neo trad pots and Stacey's fine jewelry. It was our best Tour in the ten years we have been doing them. They came from all over and gave us the confidence to carry on with our crafty careers. It was an auspiscious beginning in our new location. So I want to say thank you to all of you out there. Maybe now we can think about getting this new studio finished. After dinner and a soft serve, I'm off to resume my studio work and prepare for the coming week of cutting wood, decorating and glazing pots, and loading the kiln. I hope to have some time to share more thoughts about this pottery life if I can find a moment here and there. Be well.