June 16, 2008

Speed Throwing

I had an interesting conversation this weekend that prompted me to think about the time I spend throwing a pot. Specifically, the time that I am actually doing something with the clay. This concern for time is related, I think, to a certain freshness that a pot can have in one moment, and be killed with the slightest touch. For me I think this moment is when I pick up my rib and started shaping the form with the hard edge of the rib. So I thought of a little experiment. Why not set a timer to two minutes and stop wherever I am with the pot at the end of that two minutes? Here are some of the results.

Obviously there are the throwing lines form about two pulls, and the rim of the pots are just briefly treated. I used about a pound of clay for this experiment. They aren't as bad as I thought they would be and they do have a freshness to them. I guess what I mean by freshness is a certain liveliness of in their line and shape. I want to avoid over doing my pots as much as possible. I did get a little more efficient and started to cut the crap of "half throwing" , where I noticed myself just runnng through the motions of throwing, but not really doing anything. The middle one is my favorite. More thoughts later, I hitting the hay.