June 3, 2008

Monday, Monday

A few views of my Monday.

I really love my Leach treadle wheel for cutting feet on bowls and throwing my tumblers, mugs, anything small. It's comfortably to sit on, and it's quiet. If you look closely you will see that I have a variety of foot treatments on these little bowls. I haven't made these in a good while and couldn't make up my mind. This is a form of sketching for me. The next round of these little bowls I will be more decisive and committed. I actually like the ones to the right that don't really have a foot ring. They're more flat bottomed, they make the rockin world go round.

From my studio wall. I love this little painting/print from a page in some art magazine. I'm starting to think pattern as the firing approaches and I always draw inspiration from the beautiful rendering in this image.