June 2, 2008


I had a little workshop/demo at the Micaville studio Saturday. It was sponsored by Art Centered Studio in Bakersville. It was a small group but we had fun and hopefully I passed on a few things that will be useful to these budding potters. I love teaching but wish I could improve the pots that I make as demo's. Seems that throwing pots and talking are at odds with each other. Yet I try to explain everything that I am doing while doing it. In the end, hopefully, I get my point across.

In the picture above I am explaining the form and function of this large pitcher. This a gallon+ pot that is fairly light, but when filled with water will weigh ten lbs. or more. But the thing I like about the form is that it can be tilted without lifting to pour into the receiving cup. By the time the pitcher has emptied about half way and the lower belly is resting on the table, the pitcher is light enough to lift and continue pouring. Just a little form/function love for ya.

I hope to work through the 'plastic' today and get back to throwing on Tuesday. I'm a little behind schedule as my firing date is quickly approaching and there's much to do/make including a day of cutting and stacking wood. I will also begin the bisque firing march and start glazing in a week and a half.

We will christen the unfinished new studio during the annual Spring Studio Tour, June 14-15, just before the firing. So there's lots to do. Have a good Monday.

[Thanks to John Ferlazzo for taking some pictures with my camera while my hands were busy. ]