June 5, 2008

A Collective Moan

Seems like several of us potters out there are having a rough couple of days. Tracey posted about the joys and hazards of throwing pots outside. Ron was going through some psycho-pot-analysis. Whitney is seeking balance. The ups and downs are definitely part of the creative process. As for me, the pots always reflect what I am going through, emotionally, spiritually, etc. There are days when I can do no wrong, throwing with one hand tied behind my back. And unfortunately there are the days like I have been having lately, where I find myself wondering how to center. Usually these days reflect my noncentered , distracted, and doubtful mind. Of course the pots reflect the state of mind we are in!
I wish I had an answer to this or a process to recommend. There is redeeming part of the process of making pots, a silent chant, I drop another ball of clay on the wheel head and dip my hands in the water and say to myelf, "maybe this one".