May 1, 2008

Pots and Preview

It's Thursday and I'm going to check on the pots I threw yesterday and handle them. (sorry no pic's, left the camera at the shop last night) I've got more plates to make today and I'll also make what I call "mini's", 1 lb. mock ups of the big pots I will make next week. I like to work out some of the shape ideas I have ahead of time. The shapes don't always translate into the larger scale, but it's a good exercise. The mini's are fun and more spontaneous, where the larger pots are a bit more of a calculation. But the mini's warm me up to ideas I wouldn't get by carefully making the larger ones.

I just got this in the mail box this morning:

Does this guy look happy? or what...! Mark Hewitt is having his Spring kiln opening! I saw Mark at the Pottery Center Auction last Saturday. He claims he's had a great firing. See for yourself if you're in the Chapel Hill/Pittsboro area this weekend. Here is the link to his preview. I wish I could go, but Lillian is turning 4 on Sunday and there's much to prepare for on Saturday. She's having a tea party for her friends so I've got lots of little sandwiches to make, not to mention preparing the grounds. Those kids really like to run around after a couple of cups of darjeeling!

Here a sneak peek of the Mark's preview gallery (that I snatched).


This one has a lot going on in such a small pot.

a detail of the above cup

Well, I've got a lot of plastic in the studio to chase, so I'd better sign off for now. Have a great Spring day.