May 22, 2008

Ayumi Has T's and More

Ayumi writes:
I wanted to let you know about my new t-shirts in cases you wanted to mention them on your blog. Attached a couple pictures. They'll be available on Thursday at noon along with new pots and a winking cowboy postcard. The German word [Brennofennkatastrophenangst] describes the fear and anxiety one feels when something goes horribly wrong in the kiln, yet the results are unclear and one has to wait and wonder through sleepless nights, many hours or days, for the kiln to be cool enough to open. There are women's and men's cuts and 2 designs, though the ceramics fight design comes in a boy and girl version. $25each.

Thanks, take care,

But of course(said in french accent) Ayumi! I can't wait to get mine, seeing as German was my first language and angst will be my last.

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