April 14, 2008

Tom Turner writes

Here is what Tom thinks about the Brown Pot.
mornin-looked at your blog and the J. Brown seems to me to be New England, 1830-1840.
There was a Javan Brown who worked in Georgia and then North Carolina, but this doesn't read southern pot.
John Ramsey's book has a James and a John Brown in Baltimore Maryland in the early 1800's.
Guilland's book has Brown Brothers at Huntington, Long Island at that time too.
Ketchum's book has James Brown in Morganville, N.Y. Genessee county, 1854-64
ain't it wonderful? (-;

Thanks Tom.

E. Javan Brown did work in GA, learned pottery from Charlie Kline(who married Emma Brown) in the Atlanta area. I'm not sure how I am related to Charlie Kline but it could ruin my status as a first generation potter. I have done research to find out more about Charlie Kline but haven't found out a lot more than John Burrison has documented in "Brothers In Clay"

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