April 2, 2008

Peter Rose and His Birds

I first met Peter in 1985 when I was in school in Knoxville. He had just returned from an apprenticeship in Bizen, Japan and came to East Tennessee to work as a journeyman-potter for Alan Monserrat who was a production potter near Knoxville. Well, Peter heard that there was an anagama at UT and came snooping around. He found me and a couple of others just clueless about firing the kiln. We had tried but had some pretty disappointing results. Peter traded space in the kiln for helping us learn to fire the kiln. It was my first experience firing with wood and 20 some odd years later I have Peter to thank for encouraging me. He is still in Knoxville and is married to Judy Brater-Rose, also a fine potter. We ran into each other in Hickory a couple of weeks ago at the Catawba Valley Pottery Festival.

I wanted to share with you some of Peter's work.
Since there seems to be some sort of surge of bird imagery around I thought we could add Peter to the list, although animals aren't new to his repertoire, he's been making all kinds of animals ever since I've known him.
Here's Peter's web site.

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  1. These are way cool! I mean really they're gorgeous!