April 17, 2008

Penland Ramble

You're probably wondering,"What does this guy do all day long, ramble around?" Well on this particular day I stopped by the Penland Clay Shop to see what was brewing...seems like Michael Hunt & Naomi Dalglish's class is loading the wood kiln tomorrow. (I must have a sixth sense) Here is Maya Machin with a silly grin

holding a bowl with the mysterious Nuka glaze, "oh so dark, so mysterious."

Naomi was working on a sculpture of some beast.
And here is some pottery that was dipped in slipped

and then fumbled around with and ending up with a surprising resemblence to some kind of plant form. This potter is brilliant. Could it be Josh Copus? [correction: the brilliant potter is Maya Machin!!!]I didn't find out. Maybe, although the forms are a bit different than I've seen him make. Seems I'll have to get back over there sometime next week for the unloading.
Meanwhile, downstairs in Chet's class, Lisa Gluckin

was unloading an electric kiln with some of her work. On the right is a nice little drawing in clay. Would of been nice in the "Color and Line" show that I visited (and mentioned the other day) last week at Mudfire.

Well it's always fun to sneak around Penland and visit. When I begin the juggernaut of pottery making next week I won't have the liberty of ramblin' 'round Penland. So I've got to get over there when I can.

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