April 30, 2008


Over the last few weeks I have been reporting on the goings on around the "neighborhood". It's been fun and I've enjoyed seeing what people were up to. It's a great neighborhood and I'm so lucky to be part of it. When I'm on the road and tell people that I live down the road from the Penland School, the most common thing people say is how lucky I am. It's true and it's part of the reason I decided to stick around like so many resident artists at Penland have done over the years. Well today I saw Josh Copus who has been assisting the Dalglish/Hunt/Stuempfle workshop upstairs at Penland.

Here, in a very low key event, I am presented with a "community" brick made by Josh for his thesis show at UNCA a couple of years ago. I'm honored. It's a pretty nice brick. It's been great to see Josh and visit the class from time to time. Time flies and no matter how long eight weeks may seem to be at the beginning of a concentration at Penland, it always flies by. I wish I could have visited more often, but like I have said before, life gets in the way. We'll say goodbye in a couple of days and they will be missed, but they will always be part of the greater Penland community.