March 24, 2008

While We Are Talking Birds...

I listen to a lot of music in the shop, either through the ipod, podcasts, or CD's and I have been listening to Bob Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour" religiously since it went on air and Dan Finnegan gave me a CD of the first 6 shows. It airs on XM satellite radio with a new 'theme' each week. During the recent session in the studio were two episodes on the subject of "Birds". Hmm. Maybe that's why I have been painting these critters? If Bob dedicates two shows to a theme there must be a lot of great material that he has to share from his record stash and there was.

Well, I don't have XM satellite, but am able to download the shows at Patrick Crosley's blog, 'Nightime in the Big City' here and here. If you like a 'soup to nuts' mix of country, old timey, jump blues, pop, etc. you will like these shows. Along with the music, Bob's research team supply all the esoteric tidbits related to the theme that you could ever want, and Bob's sharp wit and humor never fail to bust a gut. Check it out if you haven't already. Cheers.

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