March 16, 2008


Here we (NY potter Julie Simms and I) are stoking wood and putting salt into the kiln earlier today. We finished right in time and enjoyed Gloria's most delicious Spaghetti and Meatballs and some cold brews. I'm humbled by everyone's hard work today and hope I can someday return the favor. Now the waiting begins and in a day or so I'll get the flashlight out for a peek or two. We'll unload the kiln on Thursday. So now I can relax and take a couple of days off to rejoin my patient family who are getting used to my potters life.

Next weekend I go to the Catawba Valley Pottery Show with what awaits in the kiln. More on Thursday. Thanks for checking in.


  1. was great coming out there today. It was such a nice afternoon. Your blog is great. I should have gone to bed an hour ago but I cant stop reading. Look forward to getting some time in the studio doing a little painting with you. Some time this spring maybe. See you in Hickory....

  2. Hope it's a good one Michael. I'm firing bisc tomorrow, I'll try and get a bit of video, although my camera's rubbish. Ive got Blogger Paul
    coming to help.

    Look forward to seeing the pots

  3. Hey Alex, I hope you finally got some well deserved rest. I will be putting my tool belt on after the Hickory Show, to hammer some nails and finish that studio. But I will look forward to doing some studio time with you soon. I can't thank you ,(and Alan,Gloria, Julie, and "the class")enough. It does take many hands to fire the kiln and I'm always grateful. I'll look for you in Catawba.

  4. Hey Doug, Yea I need some better equipment too. How will we be able to bring the world the quality blogs they deserve and expect?! Thanks for checking in, I know you've been busy. Good luck with all your firings, etc. It's hard to keep up with you crazy busy potters.