March 6, 2008

Reaching Deep

I wanted to show a couple of shots of a jar I worked on after dinner tonight. Since I turn standing up, reaching into the jar is awkward and near impossible with a pot this big (~22 in. tall), so I stand on a couple of little platforms depending how high I need to get. I've been researching an adjustable wheel platform but haven't had the time to work on it. Instead of standing on platforms I could use some sort of hydraulic, like a couple of pump jacks, to raise and lower the wheel. If anyone knows of something like this let me know. I'm working on another post about the ball opener that I will share with you soon. That's all for now.


  1. So I worked on a 5 gal. sectioned pot yesterday using the cap technique in one of your previous posts. I found that it was much better than the groove technique. I was surprised how little water I used and how centered the pot stayed. Also, less air is trapped at the connection. I followed your weigh-outs: 9 lbs, 5 lbs, 4 lbs. At the end, I wanted my "neck" a lttle more collared in so I added another 2 lbs. This pot must have taken me at least an hour to execute, including thowing parts, attaching, stretching, and finishing. This weekend I'll be in the studio practicing this technique, hoping to get more consistant in size and form. I'm really intersted in making a ball opener. Maybe I'll swing by Highwater and buy "Raised in Clay." Maybe you could post some pictures of yours and add comments about what you might change if you were to make another one. Cheers.

  2. Hey Kyle, you mentioned that it took and hour or so to do. It does take a little longer to make the pot all at once, but then it's done! Unless you are going to put handles on or alter the pot in some way. You probably get more proficient with time. I am working on the ball opener post. Soon, I hope to get it on here.
    See ya

  3. That's a lovely looking huuuuge pot. I shot a whole sequence of Svend making a monster pot last summer. He uses the adding a coil technique, then paddling, then blasting with a gas burner. I'll have to try and find the photos, they've been taken off this computer but they'll be somewhere around this place.

    The ball opening post is very interesting, I've never seen anything like it before.

  4. I use a torch on the big ones just to save time, but it's a slippery slope. It's called a weed burner or ice melter, here.

    The openers aren't common around these parts, but east of here, where there are more folkies, you'll find them.

  5. Hey Michael, Don Craig, Burlon's son, has a hydraulic wheel. I've seen it once but could not even begin to tell you how it's constructed. Adrienne Dellinger, who you may know, is going to try and have one built. You could give her a call at Clayworks in Charlotte sometime.
    Nice jar!!

  6. thanks for the info Ron, I looked into buying one in an equipment catalog, but it was pricey and was way overbuilt for what I needed. I'll try to visit Don and see what he's got. Have a great time at the conference. One of these years I will make it over. Good to hear from you.