March 29, 2008

Product Placement

My daughter Lillian and I just got back from Ron Philbeck's Home Pottery Sale in Shelby, NC. We needed something to put our boiled peanuts in and found a nice bowl that we had just bought at Ron's sale. Then I needed another bowl to put my shells into and found this other bowl we had just bought there, too. All I needed was a cold beer, which I happened to have purchased in a non-dry county on the way home. What a great way to settle in after a great visit to potter Ron's. If you didn't make it to the sale today, Ron and Sarah will be open for business, Sunday, the 30th, noon to 4. There are some really nice pots there. Check'em out if you can. Thanks to Ron and Sarah. (and Karma, too.)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Michael, It was fun to visit with you and Lillian yesterday. Glad you found a use for those new bowls. I enjoyed talking pots with you and Sarah said she and Lillian had a fun time making the pb&j and chatting away. Karama...well Karma is Karma, sometimes loud and obnoxious.
    Thanks again for coming down. See ya soon.