March 16, 2008

Moving Wood

David Stuempfle and his class from the Penland School just came by with marshmallows and many hands. They pitched in to move a big pile of wood closer to the kiln. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! The kiln is at 2000 degrees and seems to want to take off. Alex Matisse is here from Matt Jones Pottery to help stoke.


  1. Hey Michael. Can't wait to see those pots. Glad you got some help today. You woodfire guys have a nice community. Of course the whole pottery community is a good one.

  2. Hey Ron, It is a great neighborhood of potters here. I usually have a pretty small crew but yesterday we had quite a turnout, and candybars, etc always helps! I'll try to get some pictures of the firing on Thursday. If you have time, come over to the Hickory show! It'd be good to see you.