March 26, 2008

More Pots From xxvi

A nice group of cups that remind me of my love of the small pot. There is an intimacy we have with cups of this scale that we can't have with larger pots that are more athletic in their purpose. These small cups are made to hold gently but firmly like a bird in the hand. The cup on the left took a bad hit to the lip and I secretly grinned, knowing to myself that I could selfishly sneak this one into our cabinet. The cup in the middle has a remnant of a Edgefield slip trail motif. The bird on the right has Little Orphan Annie eyes and was snatched up by potter Hewitt at the show last weekend. I thought it looked like a sea gull, Mark thought it looked like a seagle! Ha.

One of my painting warm-up cups.
This bird is particularly curious about the number 8.
Perhaps it thinks it's a juicy black worm of the wax resist variety.
I hope Julie Sims is enjoying this cup. After all the hard work
she contributed to "xxvi" this is the pot she wanted.
It is a sweet cup and it is a testimony to small is beautiful.

A ten gallon jar inspired by a DS
from the Potter's Eye exhibit

I liked this murky alkaline ash glazed
jar that sports the flat bottomed lid, i learned from Kim Ellington.
The pattern in underglaze brushwork comes and goes
as the eye surveys around the pot.

A one gallon jar with wax resist brushwork.
The subtle color doesn't come through in this
picture, but it has some nice subtle pink
and yellow spots, typical of the middle back bottom
of the kiln, near the exit flues of the chimney.

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