March 15, 2008

Happy Times

Thanks to Gloria Kosco for the happy balloon! I use a balloon to keep slip from going inside the jar when I pour it over the wax resist pattern. I wax the bottom of the jar before I pour to keep the cleanup to a minimum.


  1. Great trick Michael. The face makes it all the better! Are you using the Forbes wax? I always get confused as to which one people say is the better. Well done.

  2. Use mobil wax.I'm on lunch break from kiln loading. Firing it up at midnight. :P

  3. Love the happy balloon trick - great idea!
    You've got a nice blog - love the videos but wish the sound were high enough so I could hear your comments :-)
    The wax/oxide technique works really well. It looks like you've watered it down a bit to get it to brush on so smoothly - very nice brushwork.


  4. Hello June, That balloon is courtesy of Gloria Kosco's bountiful truck which gives and gives and gives. Like a horn of plenty whenever we needed something last week (the truck) provided. Was it magic? We may never know. Anyway, I used to use a packing balloon thing, you know the kind you get in a box from Well the jar I was slipping had a big opening, too big for my packing bubble. As I sounded my disappoinment, Gloria sprang out to her truck and appeared with the happy balloon. Not one , but two! The second one came in handy when the first one burst suddenly, probably because of all the hot lights from the "meTube" crew there filming the exciting glaze o' rama. Thanks for checking in June, Happy Potting.