March 17, 2008

As with every firing I spend a couple of days waiting and thinking this...

There is a pyschological component to the firing of a kiln. One of the unique
factors of ceramics is the necessity of the potter to speculate in
the mind's eye of the possible outcomes of certain clays, glazes, and their
resulting firing as he or she are working. The hope that one has while
decorating, glazing, and firing the kiln has to outshine any dark or
paranoid thoughts of any missteps that can be taken anywhere along this
process. The kiln blues, that I have mentioned in a previous posting, is that paranoid chicken, coming home to roost. Beautiful results are quickly passed over to that pot that was so full of hope that has dunted, or just isn't that great, maybe underfired, not enough salt glaze, dull. But there lies the clue. Creativity may seem to end with the firing of the pots in the kiln. There may be some sanding or grinding in some cases, but for the most part the pot is finished. But the potter isn't! Looking for that pot that didn't work out is my way of reentering the creative process in the face of what may be the end of line. As they say, "It's back to the drawing board." I apologize if I repeat myself, but it's what's going on in my head while I
sit and wait to peek into the kiln.(tonight I hope) I cooled the kiln quickly and it was at 400*F this morning. Maybe I can figure out a way to get a picture while peeking throught the spy hole. We'll see.

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