February 19, 2008

For Your Pottery Library

Thanks go to Michael McCarthy and Erika Sanger of the Albany Institute of History and Art for sending me copies of this book, Paul Cushman: The Life and Work of an Early 19th Century Albany Potter I have been looking through this catalog and marveling at some of the beautifully wacky imagery of the pots. This is a very scholarly work with essays by William Ketchum, W. Douglas McCombs, Paul Cushman Jr., Paul Huey, William Bouck,Warren F. Hartmann, and Christopher Mailman. In its 144 pages there are many images of Cushman's output as well as related Albany New York area potters who preceded Cushman. Here are a few images I've taken from the book. Disclaimer: I took these with my camera and they may be a little blurry. My apologies. The catalog is beautifully presented and its original quality shouldn't be judged by these images.

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