February 14, 2008

Another Must For Your Pottery Library

Here is another book I look to for inspiration and facination,

North German Folk Pottery of the 17th to 20th Century by Gerhard Kaufmann.
International Exhibitions, 1979. Paperback.
ISBN 0-88397-006-6
Over 120 B&W and color photograph illustrations with detailed descriptive and background text. 148 page oversized trade paper cover fine.

It is a catalogue of an exhibition of folk pottery from North Germany that toured American museums 1979-80. Early earthenware folk art, folklore and cultural history of northern Germany.

You may be able to get a copy of this out of print book from David and Mary Farrell at Westmoore Pottery of Seagrove, NC.

There are some very interesting forms and great examples of slip trailing.
Can you guess what this is? Hint: it's not a face jug . Maybe I should give away a piece of pottery to the first person who guesses correctly. Hmmm???
I'll give the answer tomorrow.


  1. Is it a door to a bread oven?

  2. very close, but not exactly. guess again.

  3. Not quite. A clue: See how the "pot" is open at the back and at the bottom as well?

  4. 'bread box'. you push it against the wall with the bread behind it. Or something that covers food against the wall.

  5. cover for the hi-fi unit. The speaker cables go through the holes.