February 13, 2008

After Dinner Pots

Here are few pots I made after dinner. I have been "incising" some of the pots in the past couple of sessions with an engraving tool from my printmaking days usually when the pot was leather hard. Here I've used a pin tool to make the marks fresh on the pot before it was cut off the wheel. It was fun and spontaneous and I'll see if I like them in the morning.


  1. Hey- just found this blog. I can see a little of that German influence that you speak of, and some NC influence as well. Nice work, and best of luck with the new shop! (I'm an ash washer too :)
    Paul H
    Londonderry, NH

  2. I was actually born in Wiesbaden Germany(West) but moved to Tennessee when I was 3. Also, it happens that a lot of the potters who settled in the Catawba Valley were German. Just look at some of the potter's names, Seagle, Probst, Reinhardt...The Catawba pots weren't decorated so much until the 20th century. But the forms were definitely brought over in the hands and eyes of the german potters.