January 4, 2008

From the Dish Rack

Brandon Phillips , in his blog "supportyourlocalpotter", posted a few of his favorites
the other day
and it was great to see those pots from his collection.
I thought I would grab a few of the mugs from the workshop dish rack.
Here are of a few from the top of the pile.

Shawn Ireland circa. 2000,Penland, NC

Sam Taylor, 2007 ,Westhampton, MA

Kim Ellington, 2006 at Penland
(with my decoration)

Mark Shapiro, circa 2001, Worthington, MA

Matt Jones, circa 2005, Sandy Mush, NC

Me, 2007
Some get used more than others. I find that with coffee, I tend to used a handled mug. Also, in the workshop, I tend to use teabags to brew my tea in these fairly large mugs.
It occurs to me that they look very different shot against such a backdrop. Maybe I will post them sometime soon in action.

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