December 15, 2007

Details with brushwork

This week I have been decorating my pots with three techniques. The first format is painting black and white slips on the bisque ware. Another is painting my special wax resist on the pots and pouring or dipping into a white slip. The third is slip trailing with colored slips. Here are some closeups of slip brushwork on a large jar.The first shows some an incised flower on the pot's shoulder with vine painted in black slip. This, hopefully will create a subtle depth to the surface of the jar. A clear glaze with a little bit of iron is then poured over the pot. This glaze has a nice honey-amber color when fired in the wood kiln. The second is an example of really tiny painting of a mosquito with my special brush, courtesy of Jenny Mendes. Now that summer is long gone, I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic.

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