December 24, 2007

Christmas or Halloween?

Well, it's hard to tell yet, I'm pretty pleased. The pots for the Louisville "Dinnerworks" show look good and I will be shipping out in a few days after some much needed time with my family. I'm thrilled with my new clay body and some of the new incised pots. Here are a few pictures I snapped this morning as I munched down an apple fritter and some coffee with Tom Turner.(Thanks for the fritters Tom. I did share the rest with the girls.)


  1. thanks for the comment michael! sometimes i wonder if anyone reads that thing. your pots look great!

    do you possibly have a resource for some good handmade brushes? i'm in the market and there is absolutely nothing available where i am.

    happy holidays!

    brandon phillips

  2. Hey Brandon, Check out Chet Mclaughlin's brushes.
    Here's Chet's web site:

    I think he sells through Highwater Clay.