February 21, 2007

In Progress

Here are a few of the forms I've been working on this past week. There's not a lot of room to move with all these pots around. It must be time to light up the kiln. Look for smoke on March 3rd.

February 6, 2007

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

After watching the HBO/BBC series "Rome" the other night and spotting a few pots here and there I commenced to think about what I could recall of "roman" pottery. Of course Etruscan pottery came immediately to mind, but what about 52 B.C. and Gaul? So I dug around in my stacks of pottery books and found this from Emmanuel Cooper's 10,000 Years of Pottery from the University of Pennsylvania Press. Not exactly the time frame, but close. And I've always like these pots, so...

Three roman vessels, all w/ vitreous glaze. Double handled cup w/ applied scales, AD 20-70, said to be from Arles, Southern France; double handled vase, c. AD 70-100, said to be from Tharros; single handled decorated w/imbricated leaves, Asia Minor, 1st c. AD.height tallest 17.5cm (7in).

Sometimes archeologists really don't know how this stuff is really made. check this story out.