March 13, 2014

My Breaks with Doug and Casey

With deadlines looming I don't really have any time for anything other than making pots. But everyone needs to take a break every once in a while, don't we? For some it's 10, 2, and 4. Some need to boost nicotine levels every so often, but I quit that habit quite a few years ago. For me, I check in on my peeps, my blog roll, my watch later list, and entertain myself for a few minutes.

I thought I would share a couple of those videos here. The first is from my pottery bloggery buddy across the sea, Doug Fitch. In this video, I really enjoyed watching Doug decorate a magnificent jug AND very much enjoyed hearing his voice! Most of Doug's daily video blogs are speechless but anything but silent. At 1:20 Doug claims that there is nothing worse than hearing ones voice. But for me I treasure his lovely accent! Enjoy.

The second video is by my favorite 'viral film maker' and stop action animator Casey Neistat. It's a movie about a father facing the age/distance paradigm with his 13 y.o. son, Owen. Casey shares his thoughts in this 20 minute travelogue.


Well, thanks for taking a break with me. Now let's get back to work!