Gary Vaynerchuk

I shared this interview on our #virtualclay event page over on the Facebook the other day in advance of our NCECA talk next week. There are a few really engaging discussions going on there. I really think there are some great nuggets for creatives in this interview. I hope you enjoy and get something out of it.

some markers of the interview courtesy of youtube user Timor Kuliev
03:30 - “jab jab jab right hook” cover and overview
07:00 - Getting through the noise
11:10 - Photographers in social media
16:00 - Linkedin
17:30 - Working on your craft OR working on marketing yourself
19:50 - Humans of New York example to above
22:16 - Be Patient, Making a business is a years game, Marathon
23:50 - Hustle and working hard
25:00 - Inforgraphic -
27:30 - Forecasting the future, showing real emotions
32:00 - Why people fear social media, Privacy is dead,and more
34:40 - How to restore reputation
37:50 - How to fight repetition
39:50 - Believing in what you sell, and Complaining
42:15 - Success in vine and Being consistent
44:30 - What creatives waste time on, Information this days
50:00 - What is next
53:10 - Getting back in the game
55:40 - Old media this days, and do your own social media
58:40 - How to grow a Facebook page
1:00:40 - Balance with jab and right hook
1:02:10 - How to give back
1:04:00 - Focus on one platform perfectly or few imperfectly
1:06:50 - Do you ever stop when you reach certain success
1:08:20 - is social media really that important
1:12:20 - How to keep productivity high
1:14:20 - How important is blogging this days
1:18:00 - How to separate personal content from brand content
1:19:20 - Crowdfunding
1:21:00 - How to make a right hook seem like a jab
1:24:00 - Gary weakness, scale the unscalable