March 14, 2014

Form Factor--Design Challenge

Evelyn had some leftovers when we ate out recently and it came in this nice paper container. When I saw this, I immediately rescued it from the paper recycling bin with the intention of painting it. It was a real challenge. First of all, the paper has a light coating that my ink didn't immediately dry, so I had to do some dabbing with tissue. Also it was slow to dry, so I used my torch, not so good. ;-) but the challenge was stimulating!

If only I had a whole stack of these, I could really work out/sketch out some variations in pattern that might include some of the eccentricities of the form.

It's amazing that this establishment uses paper for take out. Most places use styrofoam. It's really a shame, isn't it? I will go back to the restaurant and get the same of the supplier.

paper cup