March 14, 2014

Contrasts and Scale

Freshly slipped pots this afternoon.

The jar to the right was dipped in the bucket by holding the pot by the slightly out-turned bottom. The bottle on the left was covered with slip with a rectangular piece of foam rubber. I used a combination of squeezing the slip out and swiping through it.

But scale has its limitations or at least scale dictates the tools and suggests the approach. For example, if the piece is too wide for the container of slip, I pour the slip over the pot. Sometimes the pot is too heavy to grip by the foot, as in this case. Most pots that are easily handle-able, are dispatched by dipping.

I don't exactly know my motivations for not just setting up a way to pour the slip, and alternately grabbing the sponge to apply the slip, but in the first moments of squeezing the slip out and swiping I knew that I wanted to continue.

Ah, spontaneity!

The mark-making with the sponge seemed appropriately scaled for the bottle but I wonder how it will work on a smaller scale? Maybe a different sized sponge? I would have tried, but I'm out of pots for the time being. Time to make more and see!

Stay tuned,  "Watch this space!"